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Menu X

Note : An issue have been encountered in Menu X updater. Please download the new updater here and place it in Vonext Menu X installed folder location.

Vonext Menu X is a simple program with many functionality. It appeared as a smal button in your desktop. It's always placed in top. When you left-click this button, you will go to the main menu which then you can choose which feature do you want to choose. If you right click on it, you will go to one of feature according to your settings. 4 main features of Vonext Menu X : Search, Note, Music Player, and Application Shortcuts.

Vonext Menu X appeared as a small button 

You can play music continuously with the music player

You can write note and pin it to desktop

You can search file in specific folder

You can add shortcut for fast access with no limit

You can always modify your Vonext Menu X

Watch the demonstration here :

Full Features :
- Notes with power to pin notes to desktop
- Searcher that can search in specific directory
- Music Player that can continuously play music
- Application area where you can put file shortcuts
- Auto Update
- Customization

Product Details :
Name : Vonext Menu X
Publisher : Vonext
Published Date : 14 March 2014
Latest Version : 1.0.1
License : Freeware
File Size : 0,97 MB
Price : $0
Requirement : - .NET Framework 4.0
                      -Windows Media Player (for better experience)

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